Translations and professional interpreters for cross-border transfer pricing


CUP and more Transfer pricing Translations

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„The aim and aspiration of CUP and more Transfer pricing Translations is to provide professional support for all experts who have to deal with international transfer pricing. We help multinational groups with cross-border operations as well as tax authorities and institutions all over the world to cope with the growing challenges. Through our network of experts with translation experience in transfer pricing, we overcome the hurdles and difficulties that arise in communications as a result of the various languages involved. Our customers can document their cross-border transactions accurately and later on discuss issues using substantial arguments independently of any language. They avoid unnecessary risks and misunderstandings: the focus is on the arguments and facts only.“

Franziska Günther-Oygur, Founder

„We take the pressure off transfer pricing experts, especially in their daily work. The aim of our qualified experts is to provide professional translations of transfer pricing documents and interpreting services as they work through the associated factual issues. Our offering ranges from the translation of complete global and local transfer pricing documentation and benchmark studies to support in APA and MAP processes and the rollout of any related intra-group contracts and guidelines. In the event of tax audits, controversy or international disputes, our customers can rely on our interpreting expertise in negotiations and consequently strengthen their risk position significantly: there is no longer any need for concern in relation to language problems in transfer pricing matters.“

Daniela Giani, Founder